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In summary, 8 whether to renew all of the next forecast is not very good , but the body will still be in business ." Dangdang traced to sell the fake is not the case .Reporters Taobao search found that many shop can provide "HERMES ( Hermes ) " and other special shopping small ticket counters , and specify the print upon request , such as the purchaser s name, section number, amount, etc. Where too buy After returning to Chongqing , she was in a shop to see the same thing , as long as the price of 249 yuan , "about being such a big price gap stunned .In the first quarter , the main industry sector net profit of 2.

in Hangzhou Bao-Liang , will be responsible for LVMHs watch and jewelery business in Hong Kong company to court and demanded compensation for economic losses 8,000,000 yuan , causing concern to the industry . In fact, the regulation for fakes , never lacked legal provisions , but law enforcement supervision and enforcement methods do not seem to keep up with the pace of social development.With the decrease in market share from profit to loss and a huge gap, Dangdang this year began to seek change."Our roadmap is clear that the next few years to become the world leader in digital visual creative group , and the establishment of international competitiveness in the field of new media shows and events .LONGFOR times street person in charge also said that the era of Day Street Phase II will work with current commercial business dislocation development , focusing on the development of family business experience .

According to reports, the name of a Japanese company under the banner of "foreign brand" body sculpting underwear ads for investment in the domestic Ting Mei , love and other domestic brands were attacked with obvious derogatory .Peak performance decline of the same experience , will focus on the transition to expand overseas markets. Yuzhong , deputy director of the CMC large petrochemical Golden Plough revealed that the current government is working to transport Yuzhong District Daping systematically solve business district , a preliminary conceptual traffic optimization solution has formed , one important idea is planning to build underground ring road , the major shopping center in the district , garage converge .Professor Lu Jinyong , director of Research Center for Foreign Direct Investment Foreign Trade University also agree with this view .

" microblogging + shop URL link marketing ways to make purchasing shop Meng yan rising popularity . Wholesale Cheap moncler jackets for men " Watches are not able to sell only one appliance business platform .On the core competitiveness of the brand , brand equity, brand culture and other important elements in terms of charm .Whether it is astonishing speed , large -scale assets or getting a complete industrial chain, Wanda undoubtedly created a myth.Heritage proposition, ordinary people seem extremely simple: a father hit industries, inherited his father is the only right and proper , "second generation " were born silver spoon , not a business should naturally become the successor to it? However , bystander .